Saturday, April 26, 2008


Lo and Behold! There's something wrong in the Harry Potter series. Isn't that just shocking? J.K. Rowling had explained everything by the end of her series. Just about everything. But she missed out on one thing. She explained from the Prince's Tale to the whole Dumbledore and Grindelwald story, and summed up the story spectacularly. However, she did miss something. I am just surprised that she didn't see it.
Well the thing is that Voldemort was shown to have 7 horcruxes, which was emphasized throughout the book. Harry, Hermione, and Ron were all counting by that. But what J.K. Rowling failed to mention was that there were actually 8 horcruxes. Yes, 8. I can show that to you.

1. Tom Riddle's diary
2. Marvolo Gaunt's Ring
3. Merope Gaunt's Locket
4. Hufflepuff's cup
5. Ravenclaw's Diadem
6. Harry Potter
7. Nagini
8. and last of all Voldemort's own soul living in his body.

Well isn't that shocking? And Voldemort's soul was said to be the seventh horcrux, so it is one of them and not outside it. So there are eight horcruxes even though J.K. Rowling said seven.
Well that is a thing she should have been careful about. I think she overdid herself by cramming in all these horcruxes, making even Harry one, and failed to count the hrocruxes properly. Now, what have you got to say on that?

Friday, April 25, 2008

New Softwares

Google has fast become the best search engine on the internet. Though sometimes its credentials have been questioned, most have regarded it as the best one there is.
Google has launched some extremely good products which are too alluring to resist. Other than its Google Talk, Picasa, and Orkut, Google also has a notebook service on the internet. I found it fascinating. Not only does it help to save things while working on the internet, without fear that you will lose your data if you change your computer, but it also helps you to save passwords and other things on it while on the internet, and can be accessed later on at any time. But the best thing is not this, but we can also share the notebooks with others. Well that's cool stuff right there.
Google Docs and Spreadsheets with the additional Powerpoint are too good to be true for users of the internet. Anyone can save and do anything now once they are on the internet. This is like the coolest thing that can happen, though something new will surely come up which might be just better than this.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Harry Potter

When I was reading the Harry Potter series, I came across many things. My attention was first caught when I saw that all the characters' names had a purpose in characterizing the character as well. For example, the first thing I noticed was that Sirius Black, Harry's Godfather, was named Sirius and he was an animagus who turned into a dog, because there is actually a star name Sirius which is also called the Dog Star. Similarly, Lupin's name came from the word Lupine. Also Dolores Umbridge's first name came from the word dolorous which means to cause pain, which indeed coincides with her nature perfectly.
These were some of the things which awed me while reading the Harry Potter series. It was stunning that J.K. Rowling puts so much thought in even naming her characters and characterizing them.

Summer Holiday

This summer, when I was in India, I happened to go to Kolkata to visit my relations. From there I, my brother, and my father proceeded on to Janai, a kind of one horse town on the outskirts of Kolkata. There we saw one of the most immense houses, standing morose in the town. Not one, but rather two. They were immense but standing alone. No one lived in there. Indeed, it was a great forlorn sad sight which awed everyone. I was sorry to leave that place, yet stunned that such beauty could be present in that old town.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Education Resides in Wealth, too

Rich in mind comes from good education, but finally it moves towards rich in wealth. Do you think acquiring of wealth is part of education.

The illiterate grocery store owner is not a nincompoop, or otherwise he wouldn't be where he is. We always judge a person's brilliance by his level of education. How far is this correct? A person may want to vent his talents through other ways rather than sweating it out in school. It is not necessary that education must be attained for gathering wealth. It may give you a plus point but it is not an absolute certificate. A person may obtain wisdom through the acquirement of wealth. Education resides in wealth too. Education is not the only way of getting knowledge and wisdom, wealth can also be used as it is also a practical form of doing so.

We want education so as to gain knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is the foundation base and we must have it to progress further. Without knowing the countries in the world, we cannot make a map. Wisdom, too, is a very important thing to attain. Through wisdom we get ourselves through properly in problems. Wisdom, only, supports us when we try to save our possessions in a busy train station, where there are thousand of thieves surging past us. Education is the way of obtaining knowledge and wisdom.

Wealth is a means of using and getting wisdom and is a practical form of education. Wisdom is necessary for acquiring wealth. Judging people is very important and necessary to gain wealth. A person must take decisions if your opponent is trustworthy or not, and many others as well, to acquire money. Indeed, agglomerating wealth is a practical form of education. It teaches us how to use the knowledge. Bill Gates, a Harvard drop- out, could become the richest person in the world by using his education in a practical form. Wealth is a form of wisdom and a way to use education practically.

While we praise Picasso's great art, we do not pay attention to the work of the great merchants of that time. We have a knack of praising things that are impressive but in reality pose no resemblance to us and ignoring those things that are full of meaning. While education is a great thing to acquire, and gives us knowledge and wisdom we must not disregard wealth as a result of treachery. Wealth needs wisdom too, and uses the education in a practical form. Wealth is another part of education and not away from it. Education gives us knowledge and wisdom, but wealth too gives us wisdom and lets us use education practically.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hi - Intro

I have opened this blog in order to express my views upon some subjects which are sometimes pressing on our society and others which are in actuality things which we should think about, but we do not. This blog would expressly be for writing on issues that intrigue me and perhaps others as well once they read through this. I feel that these issues are of a major importance to the society and at other times to our minds which are consciously thinking about these topics but paying them no substantial importance. I would only be too glad to hear your comments on these blog entries as they will only expand my mind. I hope these topics would be as intriguing to you as they are to me.