Friday, April 25, 2008

New Softwares

Google has fast become the best search engine on the internet. Though sometimes its credentials have been questioned, most have regarded it as the best one there is.
Google has launched some extremely good products which are too alluring to resist. Other than its Google Talk, Picasa, and Orkut, Google also has a notebook service on the internet. I found it fascinating. Not only does it help to save things while working on the internet, without fear that you will lose your data if you change your computer, but it also helps you to save passwords and other things on it while on the internet, and can be accessed later on at any time. But the best thing is not this, but we can also share the notebooks with others. Well that's cool stuff right there.
Google Docs and Spreadsheets with the additional Powerpoint are too good to be true for users of the internet. Anyone can save and do anything now once they are on the internet. This is like the coolest thing that can happen, though something new will surely come up which might be just better than this.


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