Friday, April 11, 2008

Education Resides in Wealth, too

Rich in mind comes from good education, but finally it moves towards rich in wealth. Do you think acquiring of wealth is part of education.

The illiterate grocery store owner is not a nincompoop, or otherwise he wouldn't be where he is. We always judge a person's brilliance by his level of education. How far is this correct? A person may want to vent his talents through other ways rather than sweating it out in school. It is not necessary that education must be attained for gathering wealth. It may give you a plus point but it is not an absolute certificate. A person may obtain wisdom through the acquirement of wealth. Education resides in wealth too. Education is not the only way of getting knowledge and wisdom, wealth can also be used as it is also a practical form of doing so.

We want education so as to gain knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is the foundation base and we must have it to progress further. Without knowing the countries in the world, we cannot make a map. Wisdom, too, is a very important thing to attain. Through wisdom we get ourselves through properly in problems. Wisdom, only, supports us when we try to save our possessions in a busy train station, where there are thousand of thieves surging past us. Education is the way of obtaining knowledge and wisdom.

Wealth is a means of using and getting wisdom and is a practical form of education. Wisdom is necessary for acquiring wealth. Judging people is very important and necessary to gain wealth. A person must take decisions if your opponent is trustworthy or not, and many others as well, to acquire money. Indeed, agglomerating wealth is a practical form of education. It teaches us how to use the knowledge. Bill Gates, a Harvard drop- out, could become the richest person in the world by using his education in a practical form. Wealth is a form of wisdom and a way to use education practically.

While we praise Picasso's great art, we do not pay attention to the work of the great merchants of that time. We have a knack of praising things that are impressive but in reality pose no resemblance to us and ignoring those things that are full of meaning. While education is a great thing to acquire, and gives us knowledge and wisdom we must not disregard wealth as a result of treachery. Wealth needs wisdom too, and uses the education in a practical form. Wealth is another part of education and not away from it. Education gives us knowledge and wisdom, but wealth too gives us wisdom and lets us use education practically.


At April 11, 2008 at 10:20 AM , Blogger aeroinfo said...

Well, i'd like to point out that learning is not what we do in school. It is a life long process. Formal education does help build people and brings them to a threshold level. Thereafter

At April 21, 2008 at 8:53 AM , Blogger Open Mind said...

well, i agree with you. But that's what i am trying to point out as well because it is a common enough mistake that we make.


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